The majority of the following matters are found either in the Theater Rental Agreement  and/or House Rules. However, because they are the most violated items, we are highlighting them for you. We ask that all visitors (renters or anyone else) to the Strand use common sense when working or performing in or around the building. If you would not do it in your own house, please do not do it here. And if you think you are about to do something you are not sure is an acceptable use or practice, first check with a member of staff. This list and any additions to it will be posted on the bulletin board as you enter the building. This information, the dance recital information, and the dance recital information sheets are available under the rental section of our website at www.strandlakewood.com. It is your responsibility to inform your school patrons and parents of these rules.

  • Rehearsals are limited to cast and crew only. Due to insurance regulations, rehearsals are closed to the public. “Public” includes parents, other family members, and friends. The seating area in the auditorium may be used to gather cast, but not for the entire production at one time, during rehearsal(s) as long as they are kept quiet and organized. If anyone is in the auditorium (other than cast), the rehearsal will be considered a show and you will be billed accordingly (present show hourly rate is $700.00). Parents and/or guardians must wait outside. It is the responsibility of the renter for the safety of the children. All renters’ staff must wear some form of identification.


  • Entry to the building during rehearsals is limited to the stage entrance and only during contracted hours. Use of any other entrance (or exit) is in violation of the contract, and you will be billed accordingly. Access to the building is limited to the hours stated on the contract. Excessive banging on or manhandling of locked doors will result in damage fee ($100.00) even if no damage occurs. Excessive entry into box office vestibule may also result in extra fees. It is the renter’s responsibility to notify all members of its company of the proper entrance to use and when the entrances will be open. Do not enter through the front doors or box office.


  • Do not attach anything to any surface of the theater. The only places we allow notices to be posted are on the bulletin boards or in the plastic sign holders conveniently located backstage. Tape is not allowed there, only staples and tacks. The amount of $25.00 will be billed for each violation.


  • Hallways and bathrooms are not dressing rooms or storage areas. The hallways and bathrooms are for everyone’s use and are considered public areas. Both men and women will be using the hallways. If you wish privacy, you must use a dressing room with the door shut. Any staff needing to enter a dressing room (or bathroom of opposite sex) will always knock and gain clearance before entering. Staff will not announce themselves or knock to enter public areas. The hallways are not to be used as storage areas. Use as such is a violation of fire code, and any fines are the responsibility of the renter. Hallways may be used as staging areas but must be kept clear enough for other traffic to pass.


  • Headsets and telephones are for Strand staff use only. Headsets are for communications between Strand crew only unless prior arrangements have been made. A member of the Strand crew will be designated as stage manager and will be responsible for all “go’s.” Telephones (and all other office equipment) are for Strand staff only unless prior arrangements have been made.


  • Offices, attics, crawl spaces, and mechanical and storage rooms are off limits. Use and access of such space are limited to Strand staff only. If you need something from any of these areas, please speak to a staff member. This also includes both the box office and technical office.


  • The balcony, marked bathrooms, and the lobby are off limits during rehearsal. The balcony and the lobby bathrooms will be closed during rehearsals. This is to lessen the amount of time and resources needed to clean the building. Unauthorized use of these areas will result in additional use/cleaning fees.


  • Stairs from the stage will be removed during the show. The stairs into the auditorium will be removed unless all tickets from the first two rows are turned in to the technical director or staff stage manger at the start of the first rehearsal.


  • Renter will be billed for excessive damage to the stage. Damage accrued from regular wear and tear is acceptable; however, excessive use of spike tape or gaffers tape may result in a repainting fee ($400.00). Use of rosin will accrue a $25.00 clean-up fee per day.


  • All audience members must have a ticket. All those in the audience must have a ticket regardless of age. This is a requirement from the Fire Marshal and is necessary for attendance records.


  • ADA seating area is limited to wheelchair patrons only. Violations to the ADA code (wheelchair accessible seating) are a State offense, and any fines will be passed on to the renter. If there are no wheelchair patrons, then the ADA seating area is to be left empty. Simply put, the ADA seating area is for wheelchair patrons only. The theater can handle only six (6) wheelchairs at any one time.


  • Releasing of children will not happen until five (5) minutes after the show has ended. Children ten (10) and under will be released from the house right door. All others will be released from the stage entrance. In order to maintain safety and consistency we are requiring all renters to release the younger children in the same way. Parents/guardians are not allowed backstage to pick up the children; it is the responsibility of the renter to escort and release the children to the proper parents/guardians and to notify them before the performance of the release schedule.


  • Technical staff must receive rehearsal and show run information at least one (1) week before the first rehearsal. In order to properly and professionally run your show, we must have both rehearsal and show run orders ahead of time. The rehearsal order needs to indicate placement in show. Special requests must be also received ahead of time.


  • A 15-minute break every two (2) hours and a 45-minute meal break every four (4) hours will be scheduled for Strand staff. Work laws require adequate breaks for all employees. Any violation of this will result in the renter being charged time and a half (1 1/2) for all staff and will be assessed at one (1) hour increments.


  • There must be a total of three (3) hours from the end of one show to the start of the next. Shows may not run longer than two (2) hours. The Strand staff must have adequate time between shows to clean up, have a break, and prepare for the next show. Violators will be charged at the rate of $700.00 per incident. Each hour or any part thereof over the two (2) hour show is charged at the rate of $700.00. For example, if a show runs two (2) hours and 15 minutes, you will be charged for an extra hour.


  • Parking is limited to public parking lots only. The parking lot behind the theater and the bank parking lot are private parking lots and are not to be used for show or rehearsal parking. The theater is not responsible for anyone towed from these lots.


  • Dressing rooms will not be cleaned during the occupancy of the Renter. The Strand will only empty trash backstage during your occupancy of your event. It is your responsibility to keep the dressing rooms as clean. Other than emptying of trash, the backstage is cleaned only before another renter uses the space.


  • The Renter will be responsible for following all fire regulations. All materials or objects must be non-combustible or flame resistant as per New Jersey State fire codes. This includes changing booths and any scenery brought in. The Strand reserves the right to turn away at any time anything that does not comply.


  • Do not use clothing steamers, aerosol hair sprays, etc. Use of such may set off the fire alarm. Please check with staff first before using.


  • Do not hang anything from overhead pipes. All dressing rooms have clothing racks; please use them. If you need more or are bringing in more, please clear it with staff first.


  • Operating of all Strand equipment must be by Strand employees. Due to safety and insurance rules and regulations, all Strand-owned equipment will be operated by trained Strand employees only.


  • Do not adjust thermostats. Please ask a staff to correct any temperature problems. (Dressing rooms will stay cooler if the mirror lights are left off.)


  • Chairs, hand railings, brass bars, walls, etc., are not designed for warm-up exercises and cannot be used as such. Such use can put unusual wear and tear on the building and may result extra repair work. You will be charged for any damage to the building.


  • Food and drink are not allowed in the theater except in the cantina, lobby, and gallery. Please limit all eating and dinking to the cantina, lobby, and gallery to minimize the cleaning that will need to be done. Please use the trash receptacles for all of your trash; do not leave it on the floor. Excessive mess may result in additional cleaning fees.


  • There are no public phones or vending machines in the building. Public phones are available across the street on Clifton Ave. Vending machines are available on 4th Street. Refrigerators (except for the white one in the cantina) are for staff use only or for sales during shows.


  • Backstage capacity is limited to 150 persons. Please pay attention to the posted capacity of each room. Please also remember that the hallways and bathrooms may not be used as dressing rooms.