Gail Lionetti: Angels Among Us

Gail Lionetti: Angels Among Us
02/04 at 2 PM
Gail Lionetti is a spiritual medium with over 40 years of experience practicing the art of healing and receiving messages from the other side for individuals in attendance. Those who receive messages report having a life-changing experience that renewed their faith and brought them peace. Because no one can predict what messages will come through from the other side, attending this event does not guarantee you will receive a message. However, those not receiving messages during these events have also reported renewed faith as a result of witnessing the effects of messages delivered to others. Gail is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, spiritual medium, and radio talk show host, author of Survival on a Wing and a Prayer, her memoir chronicling her near-death-experience and afterlife insights that define her life today. Her message is that heaven and eternal love are real and always close at hand.
Tickets are $50

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